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About the Caribbean Sail Training non profit organization

Caribbean Sail Training ( CST ) has been established several years ago first in Grenada and later in Sint Maarten.

The organization is now established in Saint Martin Antilles Francaises ( which is in the European Community ) as a registered nonprofit association with the aim to help in providing education and sail training towards young people of all nationalities, cultures, religions and social backgrounds and specially towards people living in the Caribbean.

Helping Youth

Caribbean Sail Training basically receives funds from businesses, private persons and other organizations that are used to provide youngsters with sponsorship to board ships and yachts as trainees so that they don't need to find the necessary money themselves.

Many of the Caribbean youth or their parents and family are not wealthy enough to come up with necessary funds to provide their youngsters a sail training term on board a vessel, so that's where CST comes to help.

As organization we select cooperating Tall ships, square riggers, large yachts and even race boats, and ask them to become members of CST and take youngsters on a sail training trip.

We arrange the funds ( as each sail training vessel need some money from trainees in order to keep working and exist ), we do all the paperwork, we arrange and pay for transport to and from the ship ( and airline tickets if necessary ) we pay for food and drinks and most of the expenses.

Our ultimate goal is to build, restore or acquire one day a Tall Ship to run sail training and educational programs at sea all year round for Caribbean and other youth.

Helping Vessels

Caribbean Sail Training also helps and assist the CST member vessels while they are sailing in the Caribbean.

Cruising around in the Caribbean has always been a costly afair for the Sail Training Vessels due to the expensive harbor, dock, mooring, customs, immigration and port authority fees.

CST ha smade arrangements with authorities to lower those fees and sponsors the ships in many cases by paying the fees for them.

Ship agents from Yacht Assistance provide agency services troughout the Caribbean at reduced rates and again, many of the remaining and discounted invoices are paid by CST.



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