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Donors and Sponsors of Caribbean Sail Training



Founding Board Member: The board members who have founded the Association

Board Members: Appointed board members by the Founding Board

Sponsoring Board Members: Private or Business people that have donated EURO 5000, 10.000 or more become a Sponsoring board member

Advisory Board Member Vessels: Captains, Owners, Vessel Foundation Directors etc.

No membership Fee

Business Support Member

Yearly membership fee: EURO 500

( includes window sticker as CST Member and free ad in magazine web site )

Public Advisory Board Member: Anyone from the general public who donates a minimum of 100 Euro p/year

A member of the general public donates a minimum of 100 Euro or the equivalent in US Dollar yearly to become a public member of our non profit organisation.

As a member you will receive a newsletter with all the latest information and be informed before anyone else of special events, open ship days etc.

We are also in the process of printing T-shirts which will be available for free for general public members ( only shipping cost needs to be paid )

Please contact us by e-mail for additional information

Caribbean Sail Training ( CST ) is happy to show you some of our Sponsoring business members / donors who contribute to our non profit association. Please have a look at their web site !

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